This is my second summer at Omega Teen Camp and an unbelievably enriching time for me. I was not only learning ways to deal, I was able to find ways to improve myself as a whole and to see that I could do things that I never thought possible.  Because of this workshop I learned that I was capable of doing anything I wished; forming a relationship of love, being committed to maintaining a healthy body, and loving myself for who I am. Kailey S. 14


“Your program is still being talked about; this was the best thing we could have ever provided for our campers. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have met and worked with you. Thank you for allowing our campers to be so open and vulnerable to situations they now know they are strong enough to “breakthrough.” I look forward to having Fearless/Flame return summer after summer.” Program Director

Nancy came to Trafalger to do a Fearless Flame workshop with our Grade 10 & 11 girls. The workshop was wonderful and Nancy is inspiring and exciting. It was impossible for the girls to not feel empowered and strong as they left the workshop. I will definitely have FearlessFlame come back to Trafalgar for the rest of the students.
Rene Barnes – School Counselor
Trafalgar School for Girls

Through the combination of cognitive and experiential exercises, teens will begin to discover their own specialness.The strategies they use during our time together will help them communicate their personal greatness with the world.


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