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Metaphors and visual cues can be very persuasive when used to promote a change in behavior.Each of these exercises on their own; Board Break, Arrow Bend, Re-bar Bend and Firewalking collectively have the stunning ability to arouse a strong and lasting sense of self-empowerment.

We provide safe, fun and transformative programs to help individuals and organizations break through to better health and well being. All retreats are based on the same principles and use a similar range of techniques.  Learn how we do it.

Brush past barriers. Push through resistance. Burst through awakened and believing tha “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…THAT YOU ARE POSSIBLE!



I have booked speakers in the past that had one participant get up and break a board at the end of the talk. You took this idea to a whole new level by having us visualize the wall, draw it on a board, then have EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US SUCCESSFULLY BREAK THROUGH OUR OWN PERCEIVED BARRIERS!!! Thank you for sharing your obvious passion and commitment for such an important message! CMP Axtell Productions Atlanta, Georgia

This 2 day retreat was more about a journey of the mind then the physical act of strength…it was an outstanding workshop. Iris Campbel, Montreal. Qc.

As a therapist I would definitely consider adding a dimension of Nancy’s work into my practice. The retreat was fantastic, from the yoga, to the workshop, to the firewalk. I saw remarkable changes in the faces of the participants, and that in itself is a testament to a job well done. I. Levine, Montreal, Qc

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