We know you know what to do… you just need a little direction in getting there!

Metaphors and visual cues can be very persuasive when used to promote a change in behaviour.Each coaching session, workshop and retreat is customized to the needs of our audience. This is not a one size fits all. Our Exercises; Board Break, Arrow Bend, Re-bar Bend and Firewalking collectively have the stunning ability to arouse a strong and lasting sense of self-empowerment. Each client will be assessed and tailored to come up with the ideal empowerment package.

Fearless Flame empowerment workshops and coaching address client objectives by engaging participants in several different hands on physical activities. This acts as a catalyst and an urgency to think and behave differently.  We call this experience based learning. We achieve these goals through several activities that are known to reshape life and work on the most important relationship…the relationship within you!

Learn by Experience

The FearlessFlame approach is based on experience based learning or experiential learning; a well-known model in education. Experiential learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation from an experience. The whole person is involved, meaning not just their intellect but also their senses, their feelings and their personalities, allowing our clients to have new experiences based on their experimentation.

Our coaching programs, workshops and retreats work because we’ve create profound learning experiences that lead to concrete changes!



The board break is a dynamic module tailored to promote bonding and trust.

The means: Through a visualization process participants will identify specific barriers and obstacles and break through them one obstacle at a time. With the palm of their hand, each participant will break the board.

The message: To enable individuals to break free of any obstacles in a powerful and compelling manner. Expressing the choice to move forward, identifying self-awareness and developing interpersonal connections.

By leading from within, the intention of this exercise is to learn how to effectively use our intuition to find and own our true power.



Every person has about 12,000 thoughts per day! These thoughts become words. These words become actions. These actions become habits. These habits form our personality. Our personality influences our destiny. Destiny can be arranged and rearranged to arrive at a different outcome.

The means: The “Arrow” represents the voice and the flight we choose to take towards a path of positive change. The tip of the arrow is placed in the soft spot of the neck and the objective is to break the arrow.

The message: Find your true voice. Powerful and emotional, this module is about walking the walk, not simply talking the talk! The intention of this exercise is to learn how the effectiveness of the voice, what we say and how we say it can determine and change the outcome of any situation.



What we Resist…Persists!

In spite of opposition, obstacles and discouragement… to effect true change we must be willing to persist in the face of resistance.

The means: we place a 6’ 4” long Re-bar (3/8“thick iron bar) in the soft spot of the neck between 2 participants. Using our intention we can focus and create a positive energy force… thus the bar dramatically bends.

The message: to leverage “THE POWER OF PERSISTENCE”, we must first believe from our entire being—body, mind and spirit—that WE CAN.

This power resides within each and every one of us. With faith, focus, belief and trust, participants learn that inner guidance can move them through mountains!



Our final and most visually spectacular modality (weather & logistics permitting) is the “Firewalk”.

The means: The firewalk is the ultimate group experience that illuminates our mantra “anything is possible.” Each person is asked to walk over the coals that can range from 800 – 1200 degrees.

The message: When participants lead themselves through the fire and overcome their obstacles in a physical, tangible way, they suddenly believe that they can master anything. The message of the “fire” will reach a depth of our psyche where participants will recognize their true potential.