Our deepest FEAR is that we are POWERFUL beyond measure.

Marianne Williamson

We are a group of passionate people working together to create emergent experiences for individuals, groups and organizations. Meet our team below.

Nancy Chernoff


Stop getting ready to get ready!

Training with Anthony Robbins, volunteering as an act of kindness, and one daring step on hot coals out of the conventional box! What do these three things have in common? Together, they are responsible for blazing a new life path for Nancy Chernoff whose future hinged on this series of fortunate events.

In 1996 a training seminar with Anthony Robbins stirred a sense of empowerment in Nancy the likes of which she hadn’t realized before. This led her to perform an act of “karma service”. She volunteered to help a 90 year old darling woman named Goldie who inspired Nancy to pursue her future dreams. Initiating one of the hardest decisions Nancy ever made, she left her 14 year career in IT where she held the position of Vice-President of Marketing and Development and the substantially stable salary that went with it!

My Skills

Fearless Flame Empowerment Workshops


Personal & Professional 1:1 or Group Coaching


Motivational Speaker


Integrative Nutrition Counsellor




Change is good. Real good!

From 2002-2005 Nancy studied and worked with the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, the largest holistic wellness centre in North America. It was at Omega where she became a certified yoga teacher and a reiki practitioner and worked with some of today’s most renowned spiritual leaders.

In 2005 Nancy joined Omega Teen Camp, the teen partner of the Omega Institute and dedicated her summer to working with hundreds of teenagers from across the globe. As part of her involvement she participated in a group firewalk ceremony. This pivotal moment ignited the integration of Nancy’s 20 year business background with her deep love for personal growth and development. FearlessFlame was born!

With her power and eloquence as a speaker as well as her big heart, Nancy‘s inspirational message coupled with her coaching has inspired individuals, organizations and companies to develop strategies to improve their lives.

No Regrets.

Nancy never looked back. Today she is a certified fire walking instructor from the Sundoor School of transpersonal education in California, a certified yoga instructor, a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a part time facilitator for Weight Watchers Canada.

The work Nancy does in all her capacities as a corporate trainer, motivational speaker and health coach is supported and guided by her own personal work and professional achievements.  Merging all her passions for business, wellness and personal growth Nancy brings unique experience based learning to empower people back to optimal health.

“If we did all things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves.”          – Thomas Edison


Helene Zylberszac

Psychotherapist, BA, BSW, MSW

Cindy Raider

Booking Agent

Stephanie Foy

Workshop Facilitator, Therapist

Molly Sullivan

Fire Tender


Boards Broken
Rebars Bent
Pounds Lost