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Spark conversations. Enhance interpersonal relationships. Promote productivity in business and beyond.

What CEO, leader or manager doesn’t want employees who are empowered in their decision-making, who complete tasks with little guidance and who are comfortable taking initiative? There is a fine balance as a leader to empower people to do this while remaining consistent with the company objectives, vision and values.

Not all leaders have poor skills or the wrong intentions; they simply don’t have the background and training required to manage the delicate balance between empowering employees while maintaining company standards.

We get it! Our workshops, retreats and coaching programs are custom-designed and our approach is based on three basic principles for success that address this challenge:

  • be honest with where you are at,
  • be honest about your goals,
  • and be honest about your barriers.

We take a bold, innovative and interactive approach to drive extraordinary business performance opportunities because we know leading from strength with purpose and direction empowers us to unleash the full potential that lurks within us all.

Our workplace wellness workshops and coaching make a difference in identifying strengths and weaknesses, improving morale, breaking down boundaries, increasing productivity, and reducing absenteeism.

We do this by confronting emotions such as; fear, vulnerability, inadequacy, frustration and anger.

There is a direct relationship between high morale and productivity. Building trust, mentoring, creating teams, establishing workplace wellness through workshops and programs and using positive feedback are integral to a company’s success.

Results are achieved through people. Show your employees you are invested in them. Find out more.

itaMONTREAL / GENEVA SWITZERLAND                                                                                          

“After organizing two workshops in Geneva and Montreal, our team is fully energized and committed to undertake new challenges that seemed insurmountable before. The Fearlessflame workshop was a true inspiration to everyone, and it had a very profound impact on the team’s belief that everything is possible.  We have forged a stronger team bond while having lots of fun. This is by far the best teambuilding workshop available in the market today!” Director, Business Intelligence Services & Publishing                                                                          

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