When you look into the mirror, what do you see and how do you feel?

By January 4, 2018 Blog

For many, our human conditioning has automatically programmed us to see and feel the worst part of ourselves. Ultimately leading to a very critical and unhappy self-image.

Loving yourself through  healthy cooking, self-care, exercise and loving relationships are fundamental to your weight loss journey. It doesn’t mean that everything in life should be perfect all the time. It means that you are aware and noticing the times when life is out of balance.   ACCEPT what’s going on and once you tap into this conscious space you can RESPOND to your healing process anytime, anywhere.

Self-love is a big job…someone has to make the effort to love themselves! Ask yourself, when did you stop paying attention to you? After the kids, the lost job, the break up, the family grumble or just plan old boredom? What has stopped you from taking care of yourself and are you ready to be #1 now?

Pic Blkog 3 -love-yourselfThe weight lose journey as I mentioned in my earlier blogs is about being honest and truthful.  FOOD and WEIGHT GAIN is a true indicator that something is off kilter. Once you are willing to recognize your self-sabotage through the  food you eat, you will begin to recognize that the food choices you are ingesting into your body are hurting you rather than helping you.

Believe it , FOOD is your first step towards self-love.   We eat for many reasons beyond regular hunger.  We eat when we are sad or happy, in bed and out of bed, in front of the TV, in the car, at the office and for shear boredom.  Food is accessible to us at all times and the only way to shield us from this abundance of accessible food are by choices we make.  Yes, the CHOICES both you and I make everyday that absolutely impact our destiny!  Why is loving thyself so challenging? Because it takes some tough love and a lot of courage to find out why we are stuffing. The hardest questions are those we are afraid to answer, and this is when our unhealthy choices get in the way.bigstock-Heart-of-fruits-and-vegetables-184383741[1]

  1. Recognize your immediate impulse to eat.  Be conscious,  take a second, breath and ask yourself what are you trying to  feed right now that is driving you to the pantry?  If you cannot figure it out…take a moment and go for the healthy choice and grab a BANANA…just 1 BANANA!
  2. Eating in a sacred quiet or peaceful place  will help you tap into your emotions. Distraction is the first place to over eat.  People often think it is the hiding that allows them to eat more.  I believe it’s the quiet that will let you hear the voice of reason towards healthier choices.
  3. Always make sure you have tons of fruits and veggies for 5 days in a fruit basket on the table where you can see them. This is a beautiful visual and a great go to food for any time of the day.
  4. Prepare your food with love,– taste it with love, thank it for nourishing your body. Make sure you have cut up veggies in  a clear container ready to eat no excuses.  Slap a side of hummus 2tpsp  and you are good to go!.
  5. Remove the junk food…all the junk food except for a few healthy treats  that you can get your children at the health food store along with a dark chocolate bar for you.
  6. Take a family trip to your local health food store and find the magic in creating a healthy lifestyle!




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