• Act as a catalyst for change
  • Transform fear into positive energy
  • Provides valuable lesson about the power of the mind
  • Practical way to confirm instincts, validate intuition

Experience your human potential Accelerate your own evolution

To walk on fire requires transforming fear into positive energy and once you learn to do this it positively affects every aspect of your life. You have renewed energy to manage, change and cope with transitions. Difficult situations become easier to handle. The lessons of the firewalk will last long into the future where you can draw upon that transformative experience to accelerate your personal and professional evolution; to live your human potential.


Since I had never been to workshop such as Firewalking, I was concerned for the safety of the people that came to our Center — our community. Would they be able to overcome all that they needed to attempt the tasks laid out for them — breaking a board, walking into the point of an arrow and walking on red-hot, live coals? I had no fear for myself, for I had overcome all my fears…yeah, right. Throughout the day Nancy nurtured all the participants, including myself, to give voice to their fears, know that they had no real power over us, and to lay them down. With that new-found strength we overcame all that held us captive. It was a powerful, empowering day. We can’t wait to bring Fearless Flame back to Munay again so Nancy can share this incredible experience with more and more people. Marti Ackerman Founder – Munay Spirit Center, North Carolina

Walking on fire is about walking through fear to experience more freedom and power, to feel safe and loved. Not only that, it offers lifelong bragging rights. Want to know how….?

Why do people firewalk?

I am often asked this question, and the answer is simple! Firewalking is one of the oldest human rituals on the planet. In every culture around the world including our western civilization people have used firewalking as a means of healing and purifying which has proven to be an incredible tool for modern humans to use. As children one of the first lessons we learn is that fire burns. For many of us this lesson goes in very deeply, and includes not only the sting of physical fire, but translates into a fear of the fire of our own passion, desire, and dreams. In general, people choose to walk on fire to overcome fear and beliefs that limit their lives. Change always happens when we break old patterns or beliefs. ‘Fire burns,’ is a tremendous example of a limiting belief. Once we break a pattern a new world of possibilities become true” If I can walk on fire, what else can I do that I was told was impossible.”

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