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Most of us look outside ourselves for that quick fix. We try to heal ourselves by reading a self help books, shed 10 or 20 pounds with a fad diet and tend to let people see a false side that is really not who we are at this time in our life. When this goal is reached we receive raving compliments from a partner, a family member or a good friend and we give ourselves a slap on the back for a job well done. We’ve worked so hard and we truly believe that this time we are better than ever. face-yourself.jpg_blog 1[1]But unfortunately as time moves on so do old habits and behaviours. No sooner than later that day comes in the not so distant future when we look in the mirror, we forgot about what we read and those new jeans barely button as we slip right back into old routines!    Yes, we’ve gained back weight, we’ve stopped making efforts with our partner, children or parents! Does this scenario sound familiar?

Often when our spirit goes undernourished perhaps from unfulfilling relationships, a lack lustre career or an issue with self-esteem, we tend to cover up our heart’s desire by believing that food, shopping or a self sabotaging act is our only satisfying friend. Usually this is the case of deeper issues underlying this unhappiness and unfortunately we shy away, throw the dirt under the rug expecting that this emotional time will vanish forever. However, like the oil and water theory, when we shake the two together what happens? The oil separates and floats to the top, we ignore our issues and most likely everything heads in the wrong direction!

FEARLESS FLAME is about listening to the voice of your soul to get in tune with your mind, body and spirit. Facing the obstacles & pains that have been holding you back, allowing you to take charge of your life and move in a positive direction.

FEARLESSFLAME is about igniting your lost passion and hope.  To become more vibrant while finding activity you love, by developing and creating a job that’s less stressful, but mostly to embody fully a healthier, richer more beautiful life.

FFEARLESSFLAME  will fuel your spirit to feed a different type of hunger. The hunger within all of us that wants to become healthier, more balanced, energized and happy.

As we move forward on this blog journey together, ask yourself… Am I ready? Do I have what it takes to commit to my well being?

Henry Ford said it best – “when you believe you can you can and when you believe you can’t you can’t”.  They are both right, so what do you want believe?                


You will learn that “FULFILLMENT MATTERS…FOOD MATTERS AND FITNESS MATTERS”! Knowing how to fulfill your life, to ignite your inner flame with the right tools and techniques is the question in hand.  I work with 100’s of people and corporations as a wellness trainer and workshop facilitator. We go beyond the standard workshops and coaching practice to bring you experienced based learning that works.

Fulfilling our life with joy, fuelling your body with healthy food, healthy thought and healthy fitness will be our journey together. Ask yourself this question -” What do I want, what do I really, really want?   Commit and the answer is very close by!

FearlessFlame and Sound Mind, Sound Body integrative coaching is your stepping stone to “facing what is really going on”!


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