Welcome to your FEARLESSFLAME EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP, a bold, innovative and interactive motivational program, custom designed to light a fire within and drive extraordinary business performance opportunities for corporate partners. Our dynamic workshops leverage team-bonding experiences to inspire open communication, enhance leadership skills and help corporate team members, at every level, to achieve peak performance and productivity in business and beyond.

A successful business demands a successful team. Unleash your teams’ potential while developing strong, inter-personal connections in a learning
environment that is safe, supportive and fun! Each workshop is individually tailored to provide corporate clients with innovative and creative tools, techniques, activities and support to overcome obstacles, find their power and achieve their personal and business goals in a positive, inspirational and interactive environment.


FEARLESSFLAME workshops are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We push the limits of the traditional empowerment workshop by combining interactive vehicles with emotional tools to create a “WORKSHOP THAT WORKS” to achieve your teambuilding, leadership and growth objectives.

Using time-honoured techniques and ‘outside the box’ strategies, we help participants confront their fears & obstacles and break through barriers to become more powerful, more assertive, more productive and more confident individuals, leaders and corporate team members.

Our goal is to drive positive change forward for all individuals at any level in the corporate structure or marketplace. Our proven, results-driven approach creates a harmonious and motivated team environment, which inspires a greater sense of purpose, value and focus within the company.


Each program is custom-tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Right from the outset, we carefully assess and evaluate every key factor —
timeframe, venue, logistics, group demographics and overall intention, message and experience you the want to achieve—to ensure a one-of-akind
workshop that inspires, captivates and motivates. We invite you to review the four major modalities that are at the heart of the FEARLESSFLAME WORKSHOP and experience the difference for yourself.

Our unique exercises are designed to highlight the ways that participants react under challenging situations, and then pinpoint how those reactions
affect team cohesion. Teams will be challenged to take risks, think outside the box and “fail forward” – all