Meet Nancy

The work Nancy does in all her capacities as a corporate trainer, motivational speaker and health coach is supported and guided by her own personal work and professional achievements.

Merging all her passions for business, wellness and personal growth Nancy brings unique experience based learning to empower people back to optimal health.


Health – Nutrition – Weight Loss

You know what to do… you just need some direction in getting there.

Not enough sleep, too much unmanaged stress, couch-sitting eating popcorn or your favorite snacks unconsciously? Or is it too many restaurant meals, too many excuses and having low energy from a lack of exercise?

As your health coach we partner together to identify the obstacles you face. We uncover where the disconnect lies and support you in tracking your progress holding you accountable to your commitments and goals.
Using mind-body principles and experience based learning we pinpoint your idea of what optimal health means to you. We create strategies for you to reclaim a sense of wholeness, vitality and resilience. We also provide valuable resources, books, recipes, meditations etc…

“I never quite understood my poor relationship with food until I met Nancy. With her knowledge, compassion and “tough love” I have been able to identify triggers and recognize habits that do not serve me in my lifelong battle to lose weight and my goal to adopt a healthy lifestyle. She is an inspiration to work with; opening my eyes to parts of me I didn’t want to see. Although I have just begun my journey to a healthier me I know, that together with Nancy’s guidance I will get there. I have never felt this “can do” confidence before.” Shari Reinhart

We all know how ill at ease we feel when we are out of harmony with our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and yet it is much more practical to maintain harmony than to be reactive. So why are we not focusing on the most important part of our life…ourselves! Together we will bring awareness to all the factors that contribute to your feeling nourished taking into account that yes; it’s the food you eat but it’s also all the other aspects of you and your life that make you tic or make you sick. Where in your life do you feel complete and satisfied, where do you feel withdrawn and empty? We look at all of that.

Integrative Coaching

As an Integrative Coach and empowerment facilitator I support, mentor and empower you in making healthy lifestyle changes in a nonjudgmental coaching partnership. Whether you are part of a group or an individual client you will learn how to identify obstacles and create a strategic plan of action to achieve optimal health and positive change for long-term success.

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“Take care of your body…it’s the only place you have to live in.”

How We Work

The FearlessFlame approach is based on experiential learning; a well-known model in education. Experiential learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation from an experience.



Firewalking dates back to before recorded history, with some estimates placing its origins in Africa over 4,000 years ago. Dozens of cultures have practiced firewalking all over the world. It has served many different purposes.


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Each FearlessFlame workshop is custom-designed to meet your needs. We take into account the goals of the workshop, the group dynamic, the location, the time available, and any other factors that are important to you.